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Engineering Humanity’s Reach into Extreme Environments

Cobham offers microelectronic solutions designed to withstand the harshest environments so that humans can explore, operate, and thrive no matter where they—or their machines—want to go. While our products are well-known for space missions, they also serve on earth, including medical imaging, mining, and more.

 Our focus is on high reliability and radiation hardened storage, computing, sensors, and security, so that our customers can be “Mission Ready, Sooner!”

Standard Products

Cobham’s standard products feature processors and their supporting devices for use in space and other harsh environments, including the following:

  • Cross-point switches
  • Power switch controllers
  • High performance-low power LVDS drivers, repeaters, serializers, deserializers, and switches
  • Clock management
  • Voltage supervisors
  • CAN transceivers
  • MIL-STD-1553 controllers
  • Space-wire devices
  • High-end/low-end bus switches
  • 8/16 bit logic and level shifters
  • Various microcontrollers. 

Many of these products are specifically designed to support advanced space FPGAs.

Cobham was a pioneer in the on-going adaptation of the CAN bus from automotive to space applications and currently offers radiation-hardened CAN transceivers and the industry’s leading LEON and ARM based microcontrollers with CAN controllers.  These microcontrollers enjoy a very robust development environment so that customers can easily design these into applications such as transponder signal control, RF array control chain, power distribution control, remote telemetry, and distributed control and command, among others.   

SCSS is also sharply focused on high performance memory IC products. Because new processor technologies outstrip the ability of memory ICs to support them, especially for harsh environments, SCSS is investing heavily to meet our customers’ ever-growing demand for new memory products.

Intellectual Property (IP): Cobham Gaisler

In addition to SCSS’ standard products , Cobham Gaisler in Sweden provides a complete framework for the development of processor-based Systems on a Chip (SOCs) centered on the established LEON and emerging RISC-V processor cores, including a broad IP library, behavioral simulators, and software development tools. The design framework has been developed for dual use: both for the development of critical space systems, as well as cost-efficient consumer products.


ASIC products

Cobham’s wide variety of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are supported by high-performance and work-horse legacy processes.  Recent high-performance designs include industry-leading, radiation-hardened channelizers, beamformers, and crypto processors.   

High volume ASICs now in production span a wide spectrum of applications from a high reliability explosive detonator; to  high-precision/low noise DNA sequencer; radiation hardened relay drivers, data converters, and high precision medical image sensors,  among  others.  High-volume ASICS are built on a range of mixed-signal processes.  Because precision mixed-signal ASICs are highly specialized, customers from many different  market segments come to Cobham to benefit from decades of proven rad-hard design, packaging, and high-rel/QML testing experience. Cobham is now targeting that expertise at traditional and emerging applications requiring high voltage mixed-signal performance up to 200 Volts. 

To learn more about our ASIC offerings or get a quote, please contact us here!


Electronic Manufacturing Solutions: Reliability and Trust

Complementing integrated circuit design and manufacturing, SCSS also offers full turn-key circuit card assembly (CCA) services for boards, modules, and boxes, including build-to-print (BTP) and build to specification (BTS).

SCSS extends its CCA and integrated circuit expertise to standard and custom single board computer (SBC) modules and box level assemblies, and recently has taken a leadership position in advanced integrated circuit packaging with single die packaging, system-in-package (SiP) and Chip on Board services. All of these assembly, testing, and coating capabilities are performed in a domestic US facility.

-      High reliability component sourcing

-      High reliability assembly

-      Qualifications and acceptance testing

-      Aerospace manufacturing and quality industry standard compliance




            Kevin Jackson,
            Semiconductor Solutions General Manager


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