UT1553B/BCRTM Bus Controller Remote Termimal Monitor


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Minimum Purchase:
5 units
Maximum Purchase:
250 units

The monolithic CMOS UT1553 BCRTM provides the system designer with an intelligent solution to MIL-STD-1553B multiplexed serial data bus design problems. The UT1553B BCRTM is a single-chip device that implements all three of defined MIL-STD-1553B functions - Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, and Monitor. Designed to reduce host CPU overhead, the BCRTM’s powerful state machines automatically execute message transfers, provide interrupts, and generate status information. Multiple registers offer many programmable functions as well as extensive information for host use. In the BC mode, the BCRTM uses a linked-list message scheme to provide the host with message chaining capability. The BCRTM enhances memory use by supporting variable-size, relocatable data blocks. In the RT mode, the BCRTM implements time-tagging and message history functions. It also supports multiple (up to 128) message buffering and variable length messages to any sub address. In the Monitor (M) mode, the BCRTM’s powerful linked list command block structure allows it to process a series of monitored 1553 messages without the intervention of the host. The BCRTM can store as much bus traffic as can be contained in its 64K memory space. In addition, the host has the capability of instructing the BCRTM to monitor and store data for only selected remote terminals. The UT1553 BCRTM is an intelligent, versatile, and easy to implement device -- a powerful asset to system designers.



  • Comprehensive MIL-STD-1553 dual-redundant Bus Controller (BC) and Remote Terminal (RT) and Monitor (M) functions
  • MIL-STD-1773 compatible
  • Multiple message processing capability in BC
  • Time tagging and message logging in RT and M modes
  • Automatic polling and inter message delay in BC mode
  • Programmable interrupt scheme and internally generated interrupt history list
  • Register-oriented architecture to enhance programmability
  • DMA memory interface with 64K addressability
  • Internal self-test
  • Radiation-hardened option available for 84-lead flat pack package only
  • Remote terminal operations in ASD/ENASD-certified (SEAFAC)
  • Available in 84-pin pin-grid array, 84-lead flat pack, 84-lead leadless chip-carrier
  • Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962-89577 available
  • QML Q and V compliant

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