UT36PFD103 Smart Power Switch Controller


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The UT36/UT50PFD103 Smart Power Switch Controller is the space industry's first highly integrated power switch controller providing extensive fault detection, isolation, and recovery capabilities combined with built-in digitized telemetry of input voltage, output voltage, and load current. Adding PMBus™ protocol over I2C communication, the UT36/UT50PFD103 provides system level integration with reduced size-weight-power & cost that was heretofore unattainable for high channel count power distribution units.

The UT36/UT50PFD103 Smart Power Switch Controller (SPSC) is an intelligent PowerMOSFET controller with load-side inrush current limiting and eFuse protection of current faults. An optional Ideal Diode (OR FET) facilitates redundant power architectures such as uninterruptable power supplies.

The fault detection and isolation speed makes the UT36/UT50PFD103 an effective solution to protect satellite power busses from short circuit conditions on the output channels of a power distribution unit. Factoring in the wide power bus switching range, current class independent operation, and elegant PMBus™ interfacing to the power system controller, the UT36/UT50PFD103 is the most compelling intelligent power switch controlling solution in the space market today.



  • 8V-36V eFUSE Power Switch Controller
    • Single- or Dual-Supply Operation
  • MIL-STD-461 CS106 Compatible to 56V
  • Load Power Switching with Inrush current limiting
  • Forward Overcurrent and Short Circuit Protection
    • <500ns typical short circuit break response
  • Optional OR_FET with Reverse Current Protection
  • Line and Load Side Voltage Monitor and Protection
  • Optional Digital Voltage and Current Telemetry
    • 10-bit VIN/VOUT/IDS Telemetry (via PMBusTM)
  • Latching/Retriggerable/Pulsing Power FET Control
  • Package Options:
    • 47-Lead Dual Flatpack
    • 16.1 x 10.75 mm, 0.635 mm pitch


  • Power Distribution with Short Circuit Protection
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies Launch-Vehicle
  • Long Power Harness Splicing
  • Pyro ARM-FIRE Controller Thruster 
  • Waveguide Actuation Controller


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