UT54ACS264 MSI Logic CMOS Inputs


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¡  Performs look-ahead carry across n-bit counters

¡  Accommodates active-high or active-low carry

¡  Improves cascaded counters system performance

¡  1.2μ CMOS

- Latchup immune

¡  High speed

¡  Low power consumption

¡  Single 5 volt supply

¡  Available QML Q or V processes

¡  Flexible package

- 16-pin DIP

- 16-lead flatpack

¡  UT54ACS264- SMD 5962-96576

¡  UT54ACTS264 - SMD 5962-96577





The UT54ACS264 and the UT54ACTS264 are look-ahead generators designed specifically to perform a carry-anticipate across any number of n-bit counters, thus increasing system clock frequency. A carry enable CE, and carry outputs RCOA and RCOB are provided for n-bit cascading.


Use the counter with either active-high-carry or active-low-carry counters. For active-high-carry counters, CE is active high, the A set of inputs and output RCOA are used. The B set of inputs are connected to a low logic level. For active-low-carry counters, CE is active low, the B set of inputs and output RCOB are used. The A set of inputs are connected to a high logic level.


The devices are characterized over full military temperature range of -55¡C to +125¡C.



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