UT54ACS2S99S Dual, Sequential, ManyGate Configurable Logic Gate


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The UT54ACS2S99S is Cobham's Dual, Sequential, ManyGate Configurable Logic Gate with Schmitt Trigger inputs and Tri-State outputs.  The output-enable pin /OE1(2) is active LOW. The logic state of the 4 inputs determines the output state when /OE1(2) is LOW. When /OE1(2) is HIGH, the outputs are disabled. Setting /CLR1(2) to LOW drives output Y1(2) LOW. Setting /PRE1(2) to LOW drives the output on Y1(2) HIGH.  The ManyGate device logic functions are pin configurable by applying either a logic HIGH (VDD) or LOW (VSS) to the logic input pins as noted. The combinatorial logic function for each block, as shown in Figure 1, is determined by the input logic configuration as per Tables 2-11. The D-Flip Flop D input is transferred to the Q output (Y1) on the positive-going CLK1 edge (1F99S). The D-Transparent Latch D input is latched at the Q output (Y2) when CLK2 is LO.


Voltage Supply: 3.0V to 5.5V
Advanced CMOS technology
Schmitt Trigger Inputs
Tri-State Outputs
ESD rating HBM: 2000V, Class 2
Operational environment:
• Total dose: 1 Mrad(Si)
• Latchup immune (LET <= 100 MeV-cm2/mg)
• 20-lead flatpack
Standard Microelectronics Drawing (SMD) - 5962-15239
• QML Q, V

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