UT54BS32245 32-bit Bus Switch


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Minimum Purchase:
5 units
Maximum Purchase:
250 units

The UT54BS32245 provides 32 bits of high-speed CMOScompatible bus switching. The low on-state resistance of the switch allows connections to be made with minimal propagation delay. The device can be organized as four 8-bit bus switches, two 16-bit bus switches, or one 32-bit bus switch. When output enable (/ENn) is low, the switch is on and port A is connected to port B. When /ENn is high, the switch is open and a high-impedance state exists between the two ports.


- 3.3V operating power supply with typical 11Ω switch connection between ports
- 5.0V operating power supply with typical 5Ω switch connection between ports
-Bidirectional operation
- Ultra-low power CMOS technology
- ESD Rating HBM: 2000V, Class 2
- Signal Isolation: -60dB
- Channel Bandwidth (3dB): 500MHz
- Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD):
    o 5962-15241
    o QML Q and V compliant part
- Package Options: 99-lead LGA, BGA, & CGA
- Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
- Total Dose: 300 krad(Si)
- SEL Immune: ≤100 MeV-cm2/mg
- Memory Interface
- Bus Isolation
- Redundancy
- Supports Analog Applications


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