UT54LVDS454 1.25 Gbps LVDS Dual Transceiver / Quad Repeater


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The UT54LVDS454 is a single high performance device that can be configured by pin connection through PCB high-speed signal layout for either of two functions: 1) Dual LVDS transceiver, or 2) Quad LVDS repeater. Both configurations are intended for high-speed, highreliability, space, and other harsh environment serial link applications. See block diagrams as Figures 1.2 and 1.3,
The all-pins cold-sparing feature, coupled with the usersupplied external RX/TX differential 100Ω terminations, and small LGA package footprint, provides for maximum application flexibility in systems with mission critical serial link full redundancy requirements.


 LVDS dual transceiver or quad repeater
o One part, dual function:
o Full-duplex dual transceiver
o Half-duplex quad repeater
 Data Rates up to 1.25 Gbps per channel
 Protocol Independent
 Cold sparing all pins
 Low Propagation Delay
 Low Channel-to-Channel Skew
 Supports up to 1 meter of FR4 PCB or 10 meters of cable up to 1.25Gbps
 Single 2.5V +/-5% power supply
 Selectable 3.5mA or 7.0mA output drive currents
 Low power standby mode
 Enable/Enable* input to disable LVDS drivers
 Fail-safe function for loss of signal detection
 Compatible with TIA/EIA-644A LVDS standard
 QML-Q and QML-V Qualification Pending
 Package Information:
o 71-Pin Ceramic Land Grid Array (C-LGA)
o Small QML package Size: 9.0 mm x 10 mm,
1 mm Pad Pitch


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