UT65CML8X8FD 3.125 Gbps Crosspoint Switch (XPS)


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The emerging VITA78, Space VPX, standard specifies a data plane switch function which enables a redundant and cross strapped serial data path within the VPX chassis. Typically, a primary serial I/O based resource is cross strapped with a redundant resource. There can also be redundant resources configured in a non-cross strapped configuration.  This 8 x 8 cross point device can support implementation of either scenario.  Because the switch is purely a cross bar, it is protocolindependent. This makes the switch very versatile and can be applied in proprietary architectures, in addition to
the Serial Rapid IO protocol specified in VITA78. The loop back feature, available at each four lane XAUI interface, is very useful for system diagnostics, test, and optimization.  Two key advantages of the device are its small size and low power. Any unused lanes can be powered down, and if the device is placed in close proximity to the source device (e.g. the serial data path is less than 1 or 2 cm), the TX driver can be run in half power mode.  The primary function of the Space VPX 8 x 8 Crosspoint Switch is to perform switching of 10G XAUI serial data streams between one of two, full duplex, current-mode logic (CML) signal I/O pads. The primary I/O configuration is an 8 x 8 XAUI-compatible port switch matrix; each port has four full duplex lanes operating at up to 3.125 Gbps.


 8 x 8, Full Duplex Crosspoint Switch Matrix
 Data Rates up to 3.125 Gbps per Channel
 Protocol Independent
 Low Propagation Delay (Latency)
 Low Channel-to-Channel Skew
 SPI Port Control Interface for Ease of Use
 Diagnostic Serial Loopback Mode
 Low Power Dissipation
 Separate Power Domains per Bank
 Power Down Feature for Unused Lanes
 Loss of Signal (LOS) Detect
 Adjustable 50 Ω High-Speed Terminations
 Standard Microelectronics Drawing (SMD):
o 5962-17213 (QML-Q, V Pending)
 Package Information:
o 143-Pin Ceramic Land Grid Array (C-LGA)
 Base Package (Pads Only)
o Ceramic Column Grid Array (C-CGA)
 Flight Units
o Ceramic Ball Grid Array (C-BGA)
 Prototypes
o Small Size: 14.5 x 14.5 mm; 1 mm Pad Pitch


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