UT699E 32-bit Fault-Tolerant SPARC V8/LEON 3FT Processor


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The UT699E is an enhanced version of the UT699 featuring a seven stage pipelined monolithic, high-performance, fault tolerant SPARCTM V8/LEON 3FT Processor. L1 cache has been increased to 16kB for both instruction and data caches.  Performance is increased to 1.2 DMIPS/MHz. RMAP protocol is supported for all four SpaceWire ports. Other enhancements include cache snooping. The UT699E provides a 32-bit master/target PCI interface, including a 16 bit user I/O interface for off-chip peripherals. A compliant 2.0 AMBA bus interface integrates the on-chip LEON 3FT, SpaceWire, Ethernet, memory controller, cPCI, CAN bus, and programmable interrupt peripherals.  The UT699E is SPARC V8 compliant; therefore, developers may use industry standard compilers, kernels, and development tools. A full software development suite is available including a C/C++ cross-compiler system based on GCC and the Newlib embedded C-library. Software developed for the UT699 will be 100% compatible with the UT699E.  BCC includes a small run-time kernel with interrupt support and Pthreads library. For multi-threaded applications, a SPARCTM compliant port of the eCos real-time kernel, RTEMS 4.x, and VxWorks 7.x is supported.


- Backward compatible with the UT699
- Supports up to 100 MHz clock rate
- Separate instruction and data cache architecture
- High-performance fully pipelined IEEE-754 FPU
- Enhanced pipeline with 1.2 DMIPS / MHz performance
- Implemented on 130nm CMOS technology
- Internally configured clock network
- Power saving 1.2V core power supply
- 3.3V I/O compatibility
- On-board programmable timers and interrupt controllers
- SEU hardened-by-design flip-flops and memory cells
- 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port for VxWorks development
- Integrated PCI 2.2 compatible core
- Four integrated multi-protocol SpaceWire nodes that support the RMAP protocol
- Two CAN 2.0 compliant bus interfaces
- Multifunctional memory controller
- -55°C to +105°C temperature range
Operational environment:
o Intrinsic total-dose: 100 krad (Si)
o SEL Immune ≤ 110 MeV-cm²/mg
Packaging options:
o 484-pin Ceramic Land Grid, Column Grid and Ball Grid Array packages
Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962-13237
o QML Q and V

o Nuclear power plant controls
o Critical transportation systems
o High-altitude avionics
o Medical electronics
o X-Ray cargo scanning
o Spaceborne computer
o System controller boards
o Avionics processing boards


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