UT7R995 Rad Clock


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The UT7R995/UT7R995C is a low-voltage, low-power, eight-output, 6-to-200 MHz clock driver. It features output phase programmability which is necessary to optimize the timing of high-performance microprocessor and communication systems.

The UT7R995 interfaces to a LVCMOS/LVTTL clock only. The UT7R995C interfaces to a quartz crystal oscillator only.


+3.3V Core Power Supply
+2.5V or +3.3V Clock Output Power Supply
- Independent Clock Output Bank Power Supplies
Output frequency range: 6 MHz to 200 MHz
Bank pair output-output skew < 100 ps
Cycle-cycle jitter < 50 ps
50% ± 2% maximum output duty cycle at 100MHz
Eight LVTTL outputs with selectable drive strength
Selectable positive- or negative-edge synchronization
Selectable phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency range and lock indicator
Phase adjustments in 625 to 1300 ps steps up to ± 7.8 ns
(1-6,8,10,12) x multiply and (1/2,1/4) x divide ratios
Compatible with Spread-Spectrum reference clocks
Power dissipation can be reduced by powering down unused output banks
Power-down mode
Selectable reference input divider
Operational environment:
- Total-dose tolerance: 100 krad (Si)
- SEL Immune to a LET of 109 MeV-cm2/mg
- SEU Immune to a LET of 109 MeV-cm2/mg
HiRel temperature range: -55C to +125C
Packaging options:
- 48-Lead Ceramic Flatpack
- 48-Lead QFNdevelopment pending/contact factory
Standard Microcircuit Drawing: 5962-05214
- QML-Q and QML-V compliant part


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