UT8QNF8M8 64 Megabit NOR Flash Memory

Estimated lead time: 8 weeks for prototypes, 10 weeks for HiRel

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Minimum Purchase:
5 units
Maximum Purchase:
250 units

The Cobham 64Mbit, 3.3 volt-only flash memory device, can be organized as 4,194,304 words of 16-bits each or  8,388,608 bytes of 8-bits each. Word mode data appears on DQ [15:0]; byte mode data appears on DQ [7:0]. The device is designed to be programmed in-system with the standard 3.3 volt VCC supply and can also be programmed in standard PROM programmers. The device is available with an access time of 60 ns and is offered in a 48-pin ceramic flat pack package. Standard control pins—Chip Enable (CE#), Write Enable (WE#), and Output Enable (OE#)—control normal read and write operations, and avoid bus contention issues. The device operates from a single 3.3 volt power supply.



  • Configuration storage for FPGAs/reconfiguration
  • Processor Code Storage: Boot/ Application
  • Re-writeable data logs
  • General Data storage
  • Secondary storage


  • 64Mbits organized as either 8M x 8-bits or 4M x16-bits
  • Fast 60ns read/write access time
  • Functionally compatible with traditional single power
  • supply Flash devices
  • Simultaneous read/write operations
  • Flexible bank architecture
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Near zero power standby operation
  • Full HiRel temperature range (-40°C to 105°C)
  • Data retention > 20 years @ +90°C
  • Programming Endurance: 10k cycles per sector
    • Operational environment:
    • Total dose: 10 or 50 krad(Si)
    • SEL Immune: 80 MeV-cm2/mg @ 105°C
    • SEU Immune: Memory Cell 102 MeV-cm2/mg @25°C
  • 48-pin ceramic flatpack package
    • Standard Microelectronic Drawing (SMD), 5962-12204
    • QML Q and Q+

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