UT8SDMQ64M48 3.0 Gigabit SDRAM MCM


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The UT8SDMQ64M40 and UT8SDMQ64M48 are high performance, highly integrated Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) multi-chip modules (MCMs). Total module density is 2,684,354,560 bits for the 2.5G device and 3,221,225,472 bits for the 3G device. Each bit bank is organized as 8192 rows by 2048 columns.  Read and write accesses to the DRAM are burst oriented; accesses start at a selected location and continue for a programmed number of locations in a programmed sequence. The programmable READ and WRITE burst lengths (BL) are 1, 2, 4, or 8 locations, or the full page, with a burst terminate option. Cobham's SDRAMs are designed to operate at 3.3V. An autorefresh mode is provided, along with a power-saving, power-down mode. All inputs and outputs are LVTTL compatible. SDRAMs offer significant advances in DRAM operating execution, including the capability to synchronously burst data at a high data rate with automatic column-address generation, to interleave between internal banks to mask precharging time, and to randomly change column addresses on each clock cycle during a burst access


 Organized as 64M x 40 (16Meg x 40 x 4 banks) and 64M x 48 (16Meg x 48 x 4 banks)
 Single 3.3V power supply
 Maximum frequency: 100 MHz
 Operation -40oC to +105oC
 LVTTL compatible with multiplexed address
 Fully synchronous; all signals registered on positive edge of system clock
 Internal pipelined operation; column address can be changed every clock cycle
 Programmable burst lengths: 1,2,4,8, or full page
 Auto-precharge, includes concurrent auto precharge, and autorefresh mode
 32ms, 8,192-cycle refresh
 Operational environment:
- Total dose: 100 krad(Si)
- SEL Immune 111 MeV-cm2/mg
- SEU Event Rate: 1.3E-10 events/bit-day assuming geosynchronous orbit and Adam’s 90% worst-case environment
 Package options:
- 128-lead Ceramic Quad Flatpack, shallow side-braze
- 128-lead Ceramic Quad Flatpack, deep side-braze
 Standard Microcircuit Drawing
- UT8SDMQ64M40: 5962-10229 QML Q and Q+
- UT8SDMQ64M48: 5962-10230 QML Q and Q+


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